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Procurement Services

Vision & Mission

Procurement Services Logo


Our vision is to be strategic procurement experts who deliver best in class, total cost reduction solutions while providing outstanding customer service and process efficiency.


Our mission is to serve our University community by procuring commodities and services required to carry out the University's mission of education, research and service.


Our customers come to us with a need. It is our role to fill that need and to follow through to be certain that the customer is satisfied with the end result.


Accord a prompt and courteous reception to all that call on us. Maintain open channels of communication with our customers, be willing to listen, to consult others and to be flexible when possible to meet their needs.


Search for new and innovative ways to increase our efficiency and our ability to serve our customers. Listen to our customers' needs and use innovative means to meet those needs.


Participate in and provide educational opportunities for all staff members, so that we may provide top-quality, cutting-edge service to our customers.

Highest Ethical Standards

Set forth and maintain at all times the highest ethical standards for all Procurement Services employees.

Pride, Professionalism and Enthusiasm

Serve the University daily, using Finance & Administration's motto as a guideline for our daily actions.