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AV Equipment & Accessories

Preferred Contract Vendor for Audio and Visual Equipment and Accessories

Vendor General Information

Multiple Vendors (State of Florida Contract)

How To Order

This is a non-SpearMart Vendor. Proceed to create special request requisition in OMNI.


FSU Procurement Specialist

Geneva Miller

Contract Information

A State of Florida Contract, Contract #880-000-09-1

This state term contract includes new CD systems, MP3 players, PA systems, speakers, cameras, camcorders, data/video projectors, assistive listening devices, projection screens, interactive educational response systems (e.g. white boards), televisions and video conferencing equipment and some services related to equipment, supplies, or accessories purchased from this contract.

MSRP discounts vary. Please review the price sheets on the DMS website or the vendor's State of Florida state term contract website Additional discounts for large quantity orders may be offered. Please consult the vendor prior to placing order.

Award Matrix:

On the award matrix, the x’s are what vendors have been awarded and the discount pages are what percentage FSU receives off list pricing.

Term: 2/19/2009 - 2/18/2017

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination - Free delivery on most items. Shipping charges apply to oversized items. (e.g., includes but is not limited to Televisions over 32".)

Return Policy: Products may be returned in brand new condition for any reason within 30 days of purchase. Items may be exchanged or returned for a full refund, which will be issued in the same way the product was originally purchased.

Special Notes

  • For any telecommunications equipment (ie: phones/teleconferencing equipment/videoconferencing/security cameras, etc), please contact ITS prior to placing orders to avoid delays in processing.
  • If you can’t find an item in the catalog please contact the appropriate Account Executive directly or the FSU Procurement Specialist noted above. Be sure to give them a complete description of the item and they may be able to either find the item or an equivalent.
  • When receiving the order in OMNI make sure to do a receipt for each invoice, do not combine invoices as AP will not be able to pay.
  • When purchasing a single item over $5,000 or several items that constitute a single item and the total is $5,000 or more, be sure to code as OCO so that a property tag may be issued.
  • Orders may be subject to quoting by Procurement Services based on pricing and volume.
  • Excluded items from this contract are:
    • PCs, Laptops, Monitors,
    • Routers, Servers, Gateways
    • IT Professional & Consulting Services (except training included with purchase)
    • IT Application and database software (unless it is integral to the operation of the equipment to be purchased and included at no additional charge).