Update: April 20, 2020

IF Contractors’s are required for work on campus, the following guidelines must be followed:

All construction and service contractors that are providing services considered critical or essential are required to follow CDC COVID-19 screening guidance as defined on the CDC website.


Each contractor must have an agreed upon work plan with the appropriate project manager or designated contract manager to ensure that adequate social distancing standards are maintained.  Furthermore, the contractor and the appropriate project manager or designated contract manager must strive to maintain the isolation of contractors from any Florida State University employees to the largest extent practicable.

When the contractor follows the self-guidelines as recommended by the CDC, they have met one level of transmission prevention.  The work plan is probably the strongest element. For example, our boiler service company does not want anyone other than their employee in the same mechanical room when they are servicing the building boilers.  Our primary goal is to maximize prevention through isolation where practicable.  We are discouraging contractors from coming to campus if they are traveling from COVID-19 hot spot. 

Below is a sample workplan that must be submitted if working on campus:

In order to comply with the additional health and safety requirements due to COVID-19 we will be implementing the following while completing projects on the FSU campus.

  1. Screen all employees for fever and symptoms of COVID-19 daily.  Any employee exhibiting fever or symptoms will not be allowed on site.
  2. Practice Social Distancing.
  3. Use hand sanitizer regularly.
  4. Wear medical grade masks, gloves and safety glasses.


January 25, 2022

To our Partners in FSU’s supplier community:

Here at FSU, we value the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, visitors and campus partners. We are asking suppliers that come on campus to wear medical grade masks until further notice. Further information can be found in the Florida State University News: https://news.fsu.edu/tag/coronavirus/

In addition, to limit social congregating, we are encouraging “virtual” meetings (Zoom, GoTo, etc.). or teleconferences in the coming weeks. We appreciate your continuing support of the University. As more information becomes available, we will be sending updates. If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to your main contact in the Procurement department.