Departmental FY17 Year End Preparation

Dates and Information are subject to change.

This document provides additional Procurement Services Information as FSU approaches the end of the fiscal year.

The link to the complete calendar for important dates and deadlines.


Deadlines stating “Last Day” refer to the last day in which we may be able to guarantee processing in FY17. You may however continue to submit requisitions for any amount through 6/23/2017 but there is no guarantee that they will be processed.  Procurement Services will still be open for business and will be available to help with any urgent procurement needs.

If something is critical, please contact Procurement Services, and we will work with your department on any urgent requests. Solicitation processes will still continue; however, the requisition will be entered next FY if the solicitation hasn't been awarded prior to the posted year end dates for requisition processing.

The link for Procurement Services Contacts.



Due Date will not be used as a criterion for closing or rolling PO’s this FY.

Instead we ask that departments please use the available queries to review their PO’s as early as possible and send a list of PO numbers to be closed to

Blankets will be rolled for encumbered payment purposes and closed on September 1st unless departments specify that they be closed by request.


FSU_PO_PENDING_RECEIPTS – All items not yet received by Department ID

FSU_DPT_PO_WITH_RECVRS_VCHRS –Detailed information about all POs on a chartfield combination.


Pre-Entry will be 6/26/2017-6/27/2017.  If any urgent need orders are required between 6/23/2017– 7/5/2017 please contact Procurement Services or use your P-Card for allowable purchases.


How will purchase orders be handled for year-end?

At year-end, OMNI will be used to roll “qualified” purchase orders forward to the new fiscal year. Rolling means that the remaining amount of the existing purchase order will be encumbered in the new fiscal year.

Which purchase orders will qualify to be rolled?

Must be in valid status.

Must be against a valid open budget.

Must not be fully received and fully matched.

Must not have generic entries to correct KK problems.

All Vouchers and Receipts must have been associated by an exact match.

How do I review my outstanding purchase orders?

Queries are available to help you manage your purchase orders for year-end. See Queries available above.

What do I do after reviewing my purchase orders?

Please submit a complete list of all PO’s to be closed and not rolled through COB 6/27/2017 to

What should I do if I get invoices for POs that were closed or canceled?

You may submit a payment request form to Accounts Payable and reference the canceled or closed PO number.

What if it’s past the deadline to submit a requisition and I have an urgent procurement need?

If you have an urgent need during the period that requisitioning is not allowed, please contact Procurement Services or use your P-card. P-card purchases must follow University guidelines. Contact Nancy Milburn to obtain a waiver/exception for emergency situations.