Graystone Group Advertising


Preferred Contract Supplier for Employment Advertising

Graystone Group has specialized in recruitment advertising for Academia, Healthcare and Public sectors since 1987.

How To Order

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Graystone Group Account Executive FSU Procurement Contact

Doug Geiling
Executive Vice President
203-549-0060 ext.303

Doug Murphy

Patricia Keller


Graystone can assist departments with recruitment, image, or student recruitment advertising.

Contract Information

Based off  the Virginia Commonwealth RFP 0046724 and Contract #VTS-753-2018 and negotiated additional discounts for SUS-wide use.

Term: 1/25/2019 to 11/30/2022 with one five (5) year renewal option.

Special Notes

Graystone will:

  • Reduce the cost of each FSU staff and faculty recruitment advertising order processed by Graystone (both print and web) by 5% and provide the comparison "normal" cost for audit purposes .
  • Reduce the cost of each  image, branding, diversity and student recruitment ad by 8% and provide the comparison "normal" cost for audit purposes. It is recognized that these ads generally emanate from marketing and/or communication groups and will be given to Graystone as "camera ready" and available for media placement. This discount does not apply to non-commissioned ads.
  • Reduce the cost of web ads placed using the top 20 web sites by 10%. Since these ads qualify for the 5% overall recruitment ad rate reduction, the actual discount is 15%. The "normal" cost will be provided for audit purposes. Web postings from sites that do not provide standard agency commissions will receive the 5% staff and faculty recruitment advertising discount, but the standard agency commission will added. 

Benefits Include

  • Ads designed to minimize white space. All discounts applied
  • Your only expense is the cost of ad placement. Graystone compensation is the standard agency commission paid by the media providers.
  • Design and media consultation are included at no charge.
  • No add-on charges for media planning
  • Includes advertising in newspapers, journals, online sites, and can be sued for advertising faculty as well as staff positions (or any other advertisements)
  • Includes traditional print, interactive QR programs to enhance print media, online web only, diversity options, banner and tile placements on the internet and complete and rapid reporting capability