Preferred Contract Supplier for Fleet Services (Vehicle Maintenance)

Super-Lube is an independently owned and operated oil change company founded in 1980. Currently they have 40 corporate stores and 10 franchise stores located in four states; Florida, Alabama, Illinois and Wisconsin. In addition, they have eight Super-Splash Car Washes in Florida and Wisconsin and five Auto & Tire Super-Service Centers located throughout the Tallahassee, FL area.

How To Order

Use a Non-Catalog Request in SpearMart or use P-Card.


Super Lube Fleet Manager FSU Procurement Specialist
Billy Grimes

Geneva Miller

Contract Information

A competitively solicited FSU contract # ITN 5764-0

Term:  10/26/2015 - 06/30/2019 with up to 2 additional years of renewals

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination.

FSU has contracted with the parent company of Sunshine Car Care, Super Lube and Auto Super-Service Center to provide vehicle maintenance for the entire campus.

Special Notes

  • When purchasing service using a Special Request Requisition, you must select Vendor ID 0000019290.
  • When receiving the order in OMNI make sure to do a receipt for each invoice, do not combine invoices as AP will not be able to pay.

Benefits Include

  • Discounted rates on service
  • Appointment times for routine maintenance (not including oil changes)
  • Priority “next in” service law enforcement vehicles
  • Complimentary car wash for University vehicles after service at Super Splash Car Wash.
  • After-hours service may be provided upon request with sufficient notice.
  • Digital photos will be provided by Super Lube to users for any issues that may arise during routine service that would require additional departmental approval
  • Detailed invoice statements for service
  • Every service at every location is video recorded
  • Employee and student discounts for service are available with valid ID. Rates are $89.99 for standard labor, $22.99 for oil changes, and $3 for car washes.

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