Contract Supplier for Customs Brokerage & International Freight Forwarding Services for Fine Art

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A4 serves the most renowned art and natural science museums in the world, large and small galleries, artists, private and corporate collections, auction houses, biennials and special events. A4’s services include Storage and Collection Management, Packing and Crating, Transportation and National Shuttles, Art Handling and Installation, and Freight Forwarding & Customs Brokerage. Simply put, Atelier 4 exists because art wasn't made to move, it was meant to hang on a wall or rest on a pedestal. When you are challenged to find solutions to make the improbable practical, you contact the experts, you call on Atelier 4.


How To Order

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Atelier4 FSU Procurement Specialist
Account Manager
Matt Brown
(718) 433-3500
Stephen Talevich

Contract Information

FSU Contract # 2020-PROC-01781

Term:  4/9/2020 - 4/9/2025 with five 1-year renewal options


  • Basic customs entry fee: $300
  • Filing ISF: $80
  • Carnet clearance in US: $575
  • Consultation (regular business hours): $200/hr
  • Consultation (after hours and weekends): $400/hr
  • See contract for more

Services Include

  • Customs Clearance
  • Filing FDA
  • Filing ISF
  • Carnet clearance
  • Consultation
  • Local delivery via art shuttle to museum
  • Warehouse service
  • Crate banding
  • Ocean and Air export documentation