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Preferred Contract Vendor for Flooring / Carpet

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The Carpet Studio is a service provider for many manufacturers that send materials directly to city, county, and state government on the State of Florida Contract Systems. We do installation of all flooring materials for city and county offices, schools, universities, colleges, and state offices all over Florida. Carpet Studio is located at 2866 Industrial Plaza Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32301.

How To Order

Use a Non-Catalog Request Form in SpearMart.


Carpet Studio FSU Procurement Specialist
Kirk Davis
Edward Acoff

Contract Information

DMS Alternative Source Contract #52100000-16 NJPA

Term:6/1/16 – 2/16/20

Delivery Terms: Freight & installation costs will be listed on quote.

Return Policy: N/A

Special Notes

  • Contract discounts apply & vary per manufacturer/brand of carpet/flooring selected (Pricing) – DEALER MUST BE CONTACTED.
  • Contact dealer for on-site visit & measurements – ask for samples. Dealer/ manufacturer will provide you with a quote.
  • NOTE:  PO’s are typically made out directly to the manufacturer (as supplier) with the dealer listed as the local installer in the line comments section of the requisition.