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Enterprise Fleet Management is a privately held, full-service fleet management business for companies, government agencies and organizations with medium-sized fleets. With more than 50 fully staffed offices nationwide, our team of experts can assemble a customized or full-service fleet management program that is just right for your business.

How To Order

Use a Services Request in SpearMart or use TCard.


Enterprise Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist
Danny Grosenbaugh

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Lyle Hackett

Contract Information

A competitively bid State of Florida contract # 78111808-15-1

Term:  09/30/2015 through 09/29/2020 with up to 3 additional years of renewals


Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination.

The Department of Management Services has contracted with the parent company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental to provide rental vehicle services to Florida's government employees. Customers will receive services from both brands at th same contract rates and terms.  This contract offers a variety of vehicle classes to meet your rental needs from compact cars to full size vehicles, minivans, SUVs, and passenger vans.  Additionally, this contract offers moving and commercial truck rentals and the option for your organization to establish a CarShare program.

National - recommended for rentals from airport locations, however, there is a 10% trans fee for airport rentals (required by the airport).

Enterprise - recommended for rentals from all non-airport locations (also referred to as off-airport or home city locations)

Special Notes

Steps for Online Reservations:

Step 1: Traveler should reserve through the FSU Enrollment Portal

Step 2: Input reservation information (ensure pop-up blocker is turned off)

Step 3: Select “Compact” car type, unless justification for larger class and select “Continue” (Disregard upgrade offers and other miscellaneous add-on charges)

Step 4: Input requested driver information, including Emerald Club Member number, and select “Continue”

Step 5: Review information and select “Book”


All rates include unlimited mileage and roadside assistance; Liability coverage and loss damage waiver are included in the rates for Business Use.

Justification is required for upgrading from Compact “B” vehicle. A Compact “B” vehicle is required unless the number of passengers or the items being carried merit the use of a larger vehicle.

Contract # XZ55622

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited mileage for contracted car classes
  • Complimentary "We'll Pick You Up" service available (with advance notice)
  • $500,000 combined single-limit third-party liability protection and zero deductible damage waiver
  • 24-hour roadside assistance included
  • Rates available for leisure use (liability coverage and damage waiver not included)
  • Moving truck, commercial truck and van rentals available
  • CarShare program option



  • For leisure/personal use, only employees of the university (or students who are also employed) are able to rent and may have to prove their employment at the time of pickup.  Students can only rent for business use if they are on official school business.

    These are age stipulations under the contract:

    For business use:

  • Renters 18 and older may rent all contracted vehicle classes, except passenger vans.
  • Renters 21 and older may rent all vehicles.
  • Renters under 21 may NOT rent a car.
  • Renters 21-24 year olds may rent sedans.
  • Renters 25 years and older may rent all vehicle classes.

  • Emerald Club works for both Enterprise and National – points may be redeemed @ National brand. Renter must be 21 to receive Emerald Club points.

  • Must pay with TCard to receive tax exempt status, as it’s tied to the payment method.

  • Taxes will show on the rate summary when reserving online but will be removed upon checkout.

  • If flight information is entered on a reservation, Enterprise will wait or hold a vehicle reservation if flight is delayed.

  • If someone has a loyalty program through Avis, etc., that all can be transferred to the Emerald Club through Enterprise.