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Angelena Turvaville

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James Johnson

Contract Information

A competitively bid contract by the Florida Sheriffs Association & Florida Association of Counties, Contract #FSA19-VEL27.0

Term: 10/01/2020 - 09/30/2022

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination. See information listed be low for more details.

Return Policy: See information listed be low for more details.

Special Notes

  • This is a contract created by the Florida Sheriffs Association for use by all State agencies. The contract offers a wide selection of vehicles within each category including Pursuit Vehicles.
  • *Since this is a large file, allow time to load.

          Bid award listing and award document:


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  • The agency is responsible for obtaining a “Confirmation of Order” from the respective dealership. Dealers are required to complete a “Confirmation of Order” and send it to the purchaser within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of purchase order. Purchasers are encouraged to contact the dealer if a “Confirmation of Order” has not been received within a reasonable time frame and request its issuance. Contact the Procurement Specialist listed above if any problem persists.
  • Note: While the Florida Sheriffs Association, Florida Association of Counties and Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association have attempted to identify and include those equipment items most often requested for full size vehicles, they realize that equipment needs and preferences are going to vary. In an effort to incorporate flexibility the contract was created to have specific add/delete options which allow the purchaser to tailor the vehicle to their particular wants or needs. In an effort to incorporate flexibility into the program, specific add/delete options were created, which allow the purchaser to tailor the vehicle to their particular wants or needs. The following equipment delete and add options and their related cost are provided here to assist you in approximating the total cost of the type vehicle(s) you wish to order through this program. Simply deduct the cost of any of the following equipment items you wish deleted from the base unit cost and/or add the cost of any equipment items you wish added to the base unit cost to determine the approximate cost of the type vehicle(s) you wish to order.
  • NOTE: An official listing of all add/delete options and their prices should be obtained from the appropriate dealer in your zone when preparing your order. Additional add/delete options other than those listed here may be available through the dealers, however, those listed here must be honored by the dealers in your zone at the stated prices.
  • Contact the awarded dealership listed in the zone from which you wish to purchase, and advise them of your interest to purchase from Bid No. FSA18-VEL26.0. They will assist you with the placement of your order and answer any questions you may have regarding the vehicles purchased through this program. You can only purchase from a dealer who is listed as a winner of one of the four zones for the vehicle you wish to purchase.  Florida State University is located in the western zone
  • If you can’t find an item in the catalog please contact the Dealer Account Executive directly or the FSU Procurement Specialist noted above. Be sure to give them a complete description of the item and they may be able to either find the item or an equivalent.
  • When receiving the order in OMNI make sure to do a receipt for each invoice, do not combine invoices as AP will not be able to pay.
  • When purchasing a single item over $5,000 or several items that constitute a single item and the total is $5,000 or more, be sure to code as OCO so that a property tag may be issued.