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FSU Procurement Specialist

Edward Acoff


Contract Information

State Term Contract # 715-001-07-1

Term:  02/28/2007 - 08/28/2017

Special Notes

  • This bid is a catalog discount bid for the purchase of all types of library materials, both domestic and foreign, including, but not limited to, the following: custom books in print, out-of-print, and rare; custom web-based library products; subscription-based, internet-delivered databases, electronic books and audio books; periodicals (both current and back files); newspaper; and magazine subscriptions; standing orders for both serial and monographic publications, ephemeral publications; pamphlets (both bound and unbound); pre-bound books; pre-processed books; book processing, and the so-called non book media, such as maps, charts globes, microfilm’s, microfiche; micro cards; microprint; CD ROMs; DVDs; slides; films; phonographic and tape recordings, video tape recordings, musical scores, sheet music, and other materials in this grouping.

Exclusions: the following items shall not be ordered using this contract:

  1. Audio Visual Equipment

  2. Computers & Peripherals

  3. Copiers

  4. Furniture

  5. Printers

  6. Media security systems

  • Please reference the contract number on all orders. (715-001-07-1)

  • Make sure that the book title, author name(s), and ISBN numbers are entered on the requisition, so as to avoid delays in processing.

  • For other library material, please make sure that item numbers are included in the description lines.

  • When purchasing a single book over $250, be sure to code as OCO so that a property tag may be issued.

  • If the order is under $50 please order using your departmental p-card.

  • Price sheets/percentage discounts are listed on the DMS contract website: Master Price List

  • Orders may be subject to quoting by purchasing services based on pricing and volume.