Champion Coach

Preferred Contract Supplier for Charter Bus Services

The University has a contract in place with Champion Coach to provide charter bus service on an as needed basis to transport athletic teams and other university-related groups.


Below is Champion Coach contracted pricing:

Champion (Attachments A,B,C)

How to Order

Fill out the below requested form to obtain a quote from the contact listed below:

Charter Bus Form


Champion Coach – Claudette Wire – 864-284-9000; Email:

Bus Driver Info

Below lists useful information about policies and common practices regarding bus drivers.

Contract Information

This contract was solicited and awarded by Florida State University, Contract FSU ITN 5902-6


7/01/2018 – 6/30/2022

A purchase order MUST be in place prior to any service being performed. Any requisitions entered must include the following information:

  • The size of the bus (IE: 33 passenger, 56 passenger, etc.)
  • Number of buses
  • Pick up time and location
  • Destination location
  • If trip is more than pick up and drop off, note if local transportation is needed (IE: do you need to be driven to restaurants, competitions, entertainment, etc.)
  • Return date and time
  • FSU contact name and phone number

On overnight trips, if FSU will be taking care of the driver’s room.

Special Notes

  1. Payment Terms: Net 40
  2. Purchasing Card cannot be used