Preferred Contract Supplier for Wholesale Products – Food/Grocery Items

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The company's first location, opened in 1976 under the Price Club name, was in a converted airplane hangar on Morena Boulevard in San Diego. Originally serving only small businesses, the company found it could achieve far greater buying clout by also serving a selected audience of non-business members. With that change, the growth of the warehouse club industry was off and running. In 1983, the first Costco warehouse location was opened in Seattle. Costco became the first company ever to grow from zero to $3 billion in sales in less than six years. When Costco and Price Club merged in 1993, the combined company, operating under the name PriceCostco, had 206 locations generating $16 billion in annual sales.

How To Order

Use as needed the SpearMart Form (i.e. Blanket Order Request, Non-Catalog Request, etc.) by providing precise description of desired purchases.  P-Cards can be used in store; note procedure below in special notes.


Costco Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist
Ask for Store Manager or
Customer Service
Edward Acoff

Contract Information

Non-Contract supplier – all Procurement guidelines must be followed.

Term: 6/03/2009 - Present

Delivery Terms: Departmental pick up ONLY.

Return Policy: When an item must be returned to Costco, and the item was purchased using an FSU Purchase Order, the department shall be responsible for providing a copy of the original receipt and the PO number to Costco at the time of return. Costco will then note the credit against the PO account and provide a credit receipt. Having the original receipt and PO number are a MUST to return an item. The Department will then be responsible for providing a copy of the credit receipt (with the PO#) to Disbursement Services

Special Notes

  • A membership is NOT necessary when using Costco, as Procurement Services has negotiated with Costco to waive the membership fee for FSU business related purchases by faculty and staff. Do NOT purchase a membership to make FSU Departmental purchases (see instructions below): Costco will allow departments to shop at the local Tallahassee store by showing your purchase order and showing your FSU employee ID. Purchase orders can be itemized if you know the price(s) or blanket purchase orders can be used for approved items (types of items must be approved in advance by Procurement Services). After shopping for items, proceed to cashier for checkout as normal. Costco will accept PO at checkout and invoice FSU. Please identify at point of sale FSU’s tax exempt status to the cashier.
  • P-Cards can be used for in-store purchases only by following these steps. (1) Inform the greater you're with FSU to enter the doors, you will be directed to Customer Service. (2)  Provide the following Costco Account Number (111792630744) and receive a temporary Costco Membership Card (good for 24 hours only).  (3) At checkout, give your FSU issued P-Card, FSU tax exempt form and the temporary card to the cashier.  When using a Purchase Order, none of the above is required, which is used to enter the store and make purchases.