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How To Order

Please see the FSU Household Move Information link at the end of the page.


Eric Reed SCRP, SGMS, Vice President, Corporate Channel at SIRVA
PH: 714.420.4268 | E:


Florida State University Contact: Natalie Mize: 850-644-3437; Email:

Contract Information

This contract is procured by E&I, Contract Number CNR01504, RFP 683452 – Commercial and Residential Relocation Management Services Storage and Logistic Services.

Term: 05/01/2020 through 04/30/2027


This National agreement shall apply to all E&I member institutions (as listed in the Official Member List, as updated from time to time, to be provided to the Supplier), its divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates. In addition, if E&I elects to participate in the Agreement, they shall be considered a member. The Agreement territory shall also include international relocation.  In addition to providing residential and household goods (“HHG”) relocation, the Supplier will also provide their full- service catalog.  This full-service catalog shall include the following:

  • Automobile Relocation
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • Relocation and Logistics Services
  • Relocation Management Services
  • Containerized Moves
  • Decommission Services
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Storage
  • Facility Logistics and Management Services
  • International Relocation

Invoices are generated and must be paid based on actual weight moved, not on estimated amount.

Lab Move Information: The household goods movers can handle moving simple labs using the existing household goods contract.

Note:  If you use one of the contract relocation companies, your new faculty/staff should choose one (1) company from the approved contract list and request an estimate. However, it is prudent to get more than one, if possible, to obtain best cost.

If it is not possible to use one of the contract relocation companies, then contact FSU Procurement Services for assistance.

After the estimates are received, complete the Approval to Pay Moving Expenses form (Human Resources form) and obtain your Vice President’s signature and the signature of the Director of Human Resources. Then submit a requisition to purchasing.

Note: Attach the Approval to Pay Moving Expenses form to the requisition.

When the Department enters the requisition for the move, the requisition must include: name of the new hire, where the goods will be moving from and the location moving to, the anticipated date of the move, and the name and full telephone number of the FSU Contract Manager. Depending on the availability of funds, the department may agree to pay the entire amount of the move, or agree to pay a fixed amount with the employee paying the remainder. In this instance, the purchase order will be for that portion of the fixed amount authorized by the department.

If approved by the Department, moving laboratory equipment/professional equipment is allowable. Any liquids or special specimen samples need to have approval from the moving company and FSU Environmental Health & Safety (850-644-6895).

For additional information, please click on the link below.  Taking the time to read the Household Move Information will save you time and provide helpful Move Information.

Household Move - Additional Document

Special Notes

  1. Payment Terms: Net 40
  2. Purchase Card cannot be used