PaymentWorks FAQs

What is PaymentWorks?

PaymentWorks is third-party onboarding platform, to establish a supplier onboarding process. The PaymentWorks platform allows our suppliers to own their own data, connect with other businesses and view invoice status.


What is a New Vendor Registration (NVR) form?

A New Vendor Registration form is a form completed by the supplier in order to onboard in PaymentWorks. The supplier registers with PaymentWorks and provides their business information --legal names, tax IDs and statuses, addresses, payment preferences, etc.


What costs or fees are associated with PaymentWorks?

Creating a profile in PaymentWorks is free to all campus organizations and their suppliers. There are no fees or costs associated with the service for end users.


What is the recommended browser to use with PaymentWorks?

Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use with PaymentWorks.


Does PaymentWorks affect payment handling?

No, this is only a revision to the supplier maintenance process and in no way affects payment handling.


Will existing university suppliers need to be invited to PaymentWorks?

Active suppliers will remain in the University's database. When a supplier needs to make a change to their account they will need to onboard with PaymentWorks. Suppliers will need to reenter all their information into PaymentWorks including if they have multiple addresses.


Will PaymentWorks be used to reimburse employees or students?

No. The process for reimbursing employees and students will not be changed. Active employees and current students should not be onboarded as suppliers.


How will I search to see if a supplier is already in the Florida State University supplier database?

Continue to perform searches inside OMNI as you do currently, to determine if a supplier is already in the University's supplier database.


Can I still use the Qualtrics supplier application to request a supplier to be loaded?

No - PaymentWorks will completely replace the current paper-based and Qualtrics supplier application. Any supplier or individual for whom a university supplier number is required must go through the automated onboarding process.


How will suppliers from foreign countries be loaded into PaymentWorks?

Any foreign entity or individual will also register through PaymentWorks if they are to receive a university supplier number for a transaction. There are customized fields for each country and address format.


How long will it take a supplier to be onboarded?

The process normally may take 2-4 days or less for potential suppliers. The timeframe will depend on the supplier providing all of the necessary data and documents, PaymentWorks reviewing and validating data, and FSU final review and policy validation.  If you need assistance with suppliers, please contact Supplier Relations at


Can I see what the supplier sees when they register in PaymentWorks?

PaymentWorks demos provide insight into the supplier registration experience.  


Can a supplier start and save their registration to complete at another time in PaymentWorks?

Yes, the supplier can start their registration, save their progress, and then exit. The supplier cannot submit their registration until all required information is provided. 


Can I fill out the form on behalf of the supplier receiving a PaymentWorks invitation?

No. You cannot register or update information in PaymentWorks on behalf of the supplier. The onboarding process requires an email invitation sent directly to a supplier and the supplier to complete and attest to their information. It can only be done by the company or individual being onboarded to certify their login/password, tax ID information, and bank/payment method.


 Can I cancel an invitation to a supplier?

If the invitation is no longer needed and the supplier has not already registered:


1. Navigate to the Vendor Master Updates page and ensure you are in the Onboarding Tracker view.

2. Find your supplier using the filter options on the left.

3. Select the hyperlinked text under the first circle or second circle of the supplier’s Onboarding Tracker. This will expand your view to the Invitation Detail section.

4. Click the Cancel Invitation button.

5. A confirmation screen will appear. Select Ok.


How will I know when the supplier is connected to PaymentWorks?

The initiator will receive an email from PaymentWorks when the integration process is completed, and the supplier number Is then assigned. The initiator can view the supplier status on the Onboarding Tracker.


How will supplier updates and changes be handled once they are registered with PaymentWorks?

All supplier updates will be managed through PaymentWorks. Suppliers access and update their information within the PaymentWorks portal. Existing suppliers who wish to update their address, identity information, or ACH banking details should be invited to PaymentWorks. Their new PaymentWorks profile will then feed into and update the FSU supplier database.


I received an error when sending the payee invitation “An invitation was previously sent to this email address.”

PaymentWorks does not allow multiple invitations to be sent to a single email. Someone else may have previously sent the invite. You may have sent the email to the wrong email address; if so, do the following: Departments can correct and re-send invitations with the following invitation statuses: Sent, Delivered, Not Deliverable. To resend the invitation with the correct email address:


1. Click on the invitation status.

2. Then click on the ”Resend Invitation” button.

3. Enter the correct email address under “Contact E-Mail”

4. Click on the “Send” button when finished


Note: Suppliers are only allowed to have one main contact. If additional users need access to the account they should contact the main contact.

My supplier’s registration status says returned, but I am unable to open the message.

PaymentWorks or FSU Supplier Relations has returned their registration for requirements or changes and the supplier has not taken action. Departments do not have the capability to view the returned message. Please open the registration and scroll to the bottom to view the comments from FSU Supplier Relations for the reason for the return.


My supplier/payee did not receive an invite.

Verify that the supplier/payee has checked their spam folder. Initiators can resend an invitation.


1. Navigate to the Vendor Master Updates page and ensure you are in the Onboarding Tracker view.

2. Find your supplier using the filter options on the left.

3. Select the hyperlinked text under the first circle or second circle of the supplier’s Onboarding Tracker. This will expand your view to the Invitation Detail section. 

4. Click the Resend Invitation button.

5. The Resend New Vendor Invitation pop-up window will now open – select Send


I entered the wrong email address. What do I do?

To correct and resend an invite: 


1. Navigate to the Vendor Master Updates page and ensure you are in the Onboarding Tracker view.

2. Find your supplier using the filter options on the left.

3. Select the hyperlinked text under the first circle or second circle of the supplier's Onboarding Tracker. This will expand your view to the Invitation Detail section.  

4. Click the Resend Invitation button.

5. The Resend New Vendor Invitation pop-up window will now open. Enter the correct email address under Contact E-Mail.

6. Select Send


If you see an error stating "This user has already begun the onboarding process," the supplier has taken action on the invitation, and you are unable to modify it.


My supplier has not completed the forms.

The supplier will receive emails until the registration is completed or the reminders are canceled. Reminder email notifications are automatically generated, do not re-send invitations unless the payee notifies you that they did not receive the initial email:


1st reminder – three days

2nd reminder – seven days

3rd reminder – 14 days

4th reminder – 21 days

5th reminder – 28 days



The supplier is not a U.S. citizen, but they are a Permanent Resident. What should they select for the Country of Citizenship field?

Because this information is used for tax purposes, please have the supplier select the United States.


How does the supplier enter their International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in PaymentWorks?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in PaymentWorks(link is external) article outlines how to enter this information. 


The individual supplier is inactive. How do I reactivate them for payment?

If the supplier is inactive in OMNI, contact the Supplier Relations team at If the supplier is onboarded with PaymentWorks, they can directly update their profile. If the supplier has not been onboarded with PaymentWorks, you can send them an invite to become onboarded.


What if the supplier has a tax-related question?

You should refer the supplier to its tax professional. We should not be responding to these questions as we are not tax experts.


If my supplier has questions or needs assistance on the portal or registration process, who should they contact?

The supplier should contact support under the “Help” icon after they log into their PaymentWorks account. Additional assistance can be provided by contacting


The supplier has been onboarded as one type (e.g. Research Participant) but will be doing business with FSU as a provider of goods and services.  How is this change processed?

The supplier will need to go back to the NVR form and update it to reflect the new type.


The main account holder of the supplier is no longer available.  How does the supplier gain access to the account?

We always recommend that the supplier always enables a backup staff member with access to the account.  Note that the backup will have full access to the information. Refer to the How to add authorized users guidance from PaymentWorks.
If the supplier does not have a backup staff member with access to the account, PaymentWorks suggests the supplier reach out to their IT department for access. Further guidance is provided here.


The supplier needs to change the legal name on the TIN/EIN

The supplier will need to update the NVR and the data will be revalidated.   Note that the actual TIN/EIN/SSNs cannot be changed on the NVR.  If the supplier has a new number, they will have to create a new account and will need a different email address to connect. 


I created the invitation, but it does not send it.  

Go through the questions again and make sure your format is correct.  Sometimes the best way to identify the issue is to re-enter the information.


How do I search for information in PW?  

You can visit the Help Center in PaymentWorks.


When do I submit an Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) form? 

If the reason for inviting the supplier is Providing Services, Peer Review or Research, or Committee Member, and the supplier is an individual, the Department is required to fill out and submit an Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) form at the same time you submit the PaymentWorks invitation. The Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) form can be found here.


Why are some suppliers always in a pending stage?

Sometimes suppliers do not qualify at the time of registration.  These invitations cannot be removed.  If the supplier can be engaged at a later date, the invitation can be resent, or the NVR can be completed by the supplier.


 I have a one-time payment to a supplier under $600.  Do they still need to be onboarded through PaymentWorks?

Yes, all suppliers need to onboard via PaymentWorks. 


Does the supplier have access to their invoices and payments?

Yes, the supplier can view their current invoices and their status.


Are the suppliers ever deactivated in PaymentWorks?

No, suppliers will always have access to PaymentWorks as long as they have the credential information they set up. PaymentWorks is a third-party software with its own policies. However, at FSU we will continue to manage the active status in OMNI


My supplier said they already onboarded with another customer.  What do they need to do to get connected to FSU?

The supplier will select FSU from their available connections and then complete the NVR questions submitted by FSU. FSU still needs to complete the validation and approval process before they can do business with us.


Does FSU accept the PaymentWorks generated W9 form?

Yes, that is an easier avenue to update the W9 data. 


Is the data entered into PaymentWorks secure?

Yes, PaymentWorks is in the business of collecting, managing, and validating supplier data.  They provide robust security for the suppliers and FSU. They also provide a wide range of Sanction validations, TIN/EIN/SSN validations, bank data validation, and address validations.


What Payment methods are available for the suppliers?

ACH, Virtual Card, Check, and Wire for foreign payments.


Can the supplier add their terms in PaymentWorks?

No, suppliers have default terms based on the payment method. 


I have a contract-only supplier do they need to be onboarded through PaymentWorks?

Revenue generating and Affiliation Agreement suppliers should onboard using a different method.


The supplier is foreign but does not have a Foreign Tax ID Number. How do they get one?

Contact to receive a unique identifier.