PCard FAQs

What do I do if my credit card is declined at point-of-purchase?

Contact the PCard Administrator or the bank and ask why the transaction was declined. We recommend that you not call from the store, as declined cards cannot be rectified immediately.

What circumstances might cause my card to be declined?

Your card will be declined if:
      - You have exceeded your designated transaction limit, daily or cycle credit limits.
      - Used at a merchant that has selected a blocked merchant category code (MCC).
      - Wells Fargo has a security concern because of a use pattern (e.g., you haven’t used the card for a long time).  They may ask for your billing address or card limit information for security verification purposes.  

Note 1:  If you are asked for your billing address for verification, give them the FSU Procurement Services address which is: Procurement Svcs/282 Champions Way, Univ Ctr Ste A1400, Tallahassee, FL 32306-0001. 
Note 2:  (Billing Address for the travel card is different!  It is 5607A University Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2391)

What do I do if I am charged tax?

If you are still at the place of purchase, ask the merchant to remove the taxes and correct the charge.  If you have left the place of purchase contact the merchant and request they process a credit for the tax amount.  If the merchant refuses to credit the tax, you may still make the purchase and pay the taxes if the tax amount paid is insignificant.  You must document all attempts.  Remember, tax exempt is only required for Florida based merchants.

Will I encounter questions concerning the tax-free status of my purchases?

The card itself should be sufficient identification to allow you to make tax-free purchases.  However, there are suppliers who will want to have you fill out a standard form that their business requires or provide a tax-exempt certificate.  Tax-exempt certificate copies are available on the Controller’s web site.

Should I give the supplier both the “bill to” and “ship to” addresses?

The billing address (the address on your PCard Application) does not match your shipping address.  (The Bill to address is always: Procurement Svcs/282 Champions Way, Univ Ctr Ste A1400, Tallahassee, FL 32306-0001) and is used for verification and security purposes. The Ship to address will be YOUR department address and is used for shipment of your purchases
NEVER HAVE ITEMS SHIPPED to the FSU Receiving department or to Procurement Services.

What would happen if I accidentally used my PCard to make a personal purchase?

You will be required to return the items to the store immediately or have the merchant credit the charge and process a new charge on your personal credit card.  Notify your departmental proxy and PCard Administrator.

What do I do if a charge shows that I (the cardholder) did not make?

If you see a charge to a supplier you have never done business with, contact Wells Fargo or the PCard Administrator immediately to notify of the fraudulent charge.  If the charge is with a merchant/supplier you do business with, but are unfamiliar with the particular charge, contact the supplier to resolve.  If the supplier will not credit the charge, you can dispute the charge. To dispute, complete the Dispute Form and fax to Wells Fargo to dispute the charge as you would with your personal credit card. Then be sure to provide a copy of the dispute form and all backup information to the PCard Administrator.  Wells Fargo will send the dispute information through the PCard Administrator, so they need a copy of that dispute for reference.

If the merchant is out-of-stock for a particular item, am I allowed to back-order with the PCard?

Yes, however, the merchant must agree that the charge cannot be processed until goods are shipped to FSU.

I am a Proxy for my department.  How often do I code the charges for my cardholders?

FSU receives a file weekly from Wells Fargo and you will be notified via email when one of your cardholder has charges to process.  You must process those charges by Monday at noon.

What is the minimum number of employees needed to allow a department to participate in the program? 

Three. You need at least one cardholder and two proxies assigned to that cardholder. 

Why is the PCard card issued to an individual’s name and not the department?

Accountability. Charge card activity is traced to the individual cardholder/ credit card number. This is why it is so important for cardholders NOT to share their card information or allow anyone else to use their card, and always secure their card information.

Does the number on the PCard tie to the budget number?

Yes. Upon entering the PCard Program, each department will provide a default budget to pay the charges made with the card.  Wells Fargo issues credit cards/ numbers.  The embossed credit card number will not reflect the actual departmental budget number.  When processing the charges, the Proxy may change the budget to a different departmental budget for any charge as required.  Should the default budget need to be changed, the cardholder or proxy can contact the PCard Administrator to make that change.

What is the transaction limit and can a department set a higher limit?

See Cardholder Transaction Limits. If your department wishes to set a higher or lower limit for your department, your Dean/Director/Department Head should send the request, in writing to the PCard Administrator.

Is the card to be used locally?

The card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.  However, some commodities/ merchants are blocked from the PCard Program and may be considered unacceptable purchases. See Prohibited Purchases.

Can my department distribute the charges to several budgets?

Yes, when the charges are coded in the OMNI system, proxies can change the Dept Id, Fund, and Project number and/or split a charge between multiple budgets as required.

Can I purchase Other Capital Outlay (OCO) items? 

Not without prior approval.  The new OCO limit of $5000 is above the allowed card limits.  In the event of an emergency, OCO items would ONLY be allowed if the cardholder requests and obtains approval from the PCard Administrator in writing PRIOR TO the purchase. This approval must be provided in writing and kept with the receipt for audit purposes.  Approval will be given only in emergency or special circumstances.

Are visiting Faculty eligible to use the card?

Only current FSU A&P, USPS, or OPS employee (with special request from DDDH), or faculty can participate in the program. 

Can receipts be faxed or emailed to the Proxy?

Yes, but use caution. Make a photocopy of the receipt and blank-out the charge card number and the signature on the photocopy only.  Maintain the actual receipt and turn it in to the Proxy upon your return to FSU.

Who is required to accomplish PCard Training?

All PCard Program Participants are required to complete the PCard On-Line Training. This includes the Cardholder(s), Proxy, and Backup Proxy. 

Can a Budget Account Manager be a cardholder?

Yes, they can be any of the levels of responsibility within the program.

Would UBA departments act as a Payer?

The Payer for the PCard Program are the individuals within Payables and Disbursement Services who process payments and conduct PCard audits.

Can Cardholder or Proxy training be exempted?

No, all participants must attend/accomplish training or no cards can be ordered for that department.

Is there a limit to the number of cards per department?

There is no limit, provided that the PCard support system is complete for each cardholder.

Can the card cover vending accounts, student activities, C&G, or athletic funds?

Yes, the program is open to all types of budgets. Cardholders are cautioned to ensure purchases are authorized both on the budget to be used AND the PCard program prior to making any purchases.

Will the PCard transactions appear on departmental ledgers?

Yes. Pard payment amounts will reflect on departmental ledgers as direct disbursements and PCard refunds/credits will reduce disbursements.  Both transaction types will be listed on ledger reports and inquiries that provide transaction listings.  To find PCard information on the Ledger, run the query, FSU_DPT_P-CARD_GL_DETAILS.

How will making purchases with the PCard affect the University’s minority business statistics?

Spending with state certified minority suppliers using a PCard will be accumulated by the PCard system electronically.