Contract Administration


Contract Administration & Management Policy 4-OP-D-4


Contract Administration ensures uniformity of contract operations and contract records by establishing consistent guidance from the creation of a contract to its signing. 

Any contract requiring FSU signature, regardless of dollar amount, that binds FSU to an outside third party must be reviewed by Contract Administration and approved in SpearMart’s Contract Module.

A “Contract” is defined as any obligation agreed to by FSU requiring performance of services, transfer of property, or payment of money to, by, or from FSU. Renewals, amendments, addendums, change orders, or any similar documents intended to modify the terms of an existing contract are considered formal contract actions.

Contract Administration does not review and/or process the following:

      1. Internal Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or similar contracts that govern internal FSU relationships between FSU entities such as schools, departments, or offices;
      2. FSU personnel, staff and/or faculty, contracts or other contracts containing personal or confidential information;
      3. Sponsored Project Award, related Sponsored Research contracts (excluding purchases of goods or services using grant funds), and Sub-Recipient contracts; o
      4. Agreements involving the University’s Receipt of Gifts.