Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to do a contract? Contracts are not required – in fact you may find doing a Purchase Order is an easier and more convenient option! However, if the supplier/contractor with whom you’re doing business requires an agreement, and/or is requesting your signature, then you should reach out to Contract Administration for review and assistance after meeting procurement guidelines for the purchase of the good or services.

When do contracts need to go in SpearMart? Per FSU Contract Administration & Management Policy 4-OP-D-4, all agreements which bind the FSU, create an obligation, and require a signature, must be entered into SpearMart prior to signature. The policy also dictates which agreements are exempt, establishes and defines Roles & Responsibilities in the contract system, and establishes the contract module and process.

Who can enter contracts in SpearMart? The Contract Manager.  Contract Manager role is designated by the department/college and must be requested by submitting an eORR-Online Role Request found on employee MyFSU page.

Where do suppliers/outside parties go to register with the FSU? All outside parties must be registered suppliers with the FSU before the Contract Manager will be able to route a contract. Further, outside parties must be registered for either expenditure or revenue contracts.  All other second parties must go through Supplier Relations. [link to Supplier Relations].  Note:  If you are registering a outside party for an affiliation agreement (primarily student practicums), email their legal name and physical address to Please note that is for affiliates only.

What happens when I submit my contract? Based on the contract type, value, and certain questions in the module, dictates the particular approval workflow made up of the various areas of campus that need to see your contract before it can be signed. Some of the approval areas are I.T., SRA, OBS, Procurement and Legal.  Once the agreement is approved, it will be returned to set up for eSignature.

When does General Counsel see my contract? General Counsel automatically reviews all contracts over $10,000 aggregate.

What is the total value of the contract? When determining value, look at the entire life or aggregate of the contract, including any optional renewals. For example, if the contract is $5000 a year, for 3 years, with an optional 4th year renewal, that’s a $20,000. It’s important to accurately value the contract so it is put in to the correct approval work flow and signed by the correct signing authority.

Who can sign my contract? FSU Signature Authority Policy 2-7 outlines those able to sign contracts on behalf of the FSU. This is a very small group of people, and the correct signer is generally dictated by the dollar amount of the agreement. However, this policy applies to all written contracts for the FSU, including non-monetary agreements. If you have a question about identifying who should sign your contract, email

Can I use my Docusign account to route and sign a contract? All signatures for the FSU, with few exceptions, must be generated out of the Contract Module DocuSign account, which is accessed only by routing the agreement through SpearMart. It is not required although highly preferred that the outside party sign the contract through our DocuSign. If you have a question about the correct signatory, please email

How can I see my department’s previous or existing contracts? To see your workgroups/departments contracts, please submit an eORR request for the Stakeholder roles. Stakeholders can see all agreements for an assigned area but cannot enter or approve agreements.  Contract Managers can view their contracts.

I need someone to review a contract. Who do I send it to? Contract Administration will be in touch with any feedback on the contract, or give the green light to proceed with entering it into SpearMart. Review typically occurs within 10 business days.

Routing contracts is new, we never had to do it this way before! SpearMart Contract Module was developed and began implementation on campus in 2019. The module creates a central depository for all contracts on campus, and reduces risk for the FSU and its departments by ensuring compliance with all state and university regulations and policies.

How long does the process take? It is dependent on the complexity of the contract.  Contract Administration to allow 30 days processing time for a contract – from submission to contracts administration to full execution. The process is often much shorter but depending on the nature of the contract and the number of parties involved, it’s better to provide ample time for review, negotiation, and signature.

How do I obtain training for myself or my department? Reach out to to schedule a time for training.