Contract Administration


When an agreement between FSU and second party requires a written agreement, in lieu of or in additional to a Purchase Order, it is necessary to issue a contract. A “Contract” is any document intended to set forth an agreement or obligation of any kind between FSU and an outside party. This would include any permit or transfer of legal rights or assumption of obligations. Whether or not a contract is necessary, in addition to or in lieu of a PO, depends on many factors, including how the goods/services are being obtained, the complexity of the services/goods, the contract amount, etc. Often a contract is executed at the Second Party’s request.

The procedures outlined are intended to create a system of review and oversight that ensures compliance with the Policy and leads to the centralized storage and management of University contracts.  The Procedures assume that those who present contracts for approval and signature have followed the normal business practices and policies of the University relating to initiating a business relationship or transaction, including, but not limited to, compliance with the University’s Procurement Policy. 

The Contract Process Overview provides the basic steps for contracting from start to finish. The Contract Quick Reference Guide offers a one-page summary of the basic steps for the contract process. For more detailed, step-by-step procedures, follow the information below. For any information on these procedures, or any other questions related to Contract Administration, please contact the Contract Administration Team at

Contract Administration | Procurement Services


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