Artistic Services - Services provided by an individual or group of individuals who profess and practice a skill in the area of music, dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, painting, sculpture, bronze, photography, antique or period furniture reproduction or restoration, graphic arts, website design, craft arts, industrial design, costume design, fashion design, motion pictures, television, radio or tape and sound recording or in any other related field, as determined by the Chief Procurement Officer. Web design shall not include website hosting, maintenance, or and computer- related services; only the portion of the design meeting the definition of an artist shall be exempt. If artistic web design cannot be separated from the non-artistic portion of the purchase, the artistic exemption shall not apply.

Blanket Purchase Order - a BPO is an agreement to spend a specific amount of money with a specific supplier over a specific amount of time. BPOs are generally used for recurring purchases of a specific service or commodity when the quantity or frequency of delivery cannot be fully determined at the time the order is initiated. A BPO prescribes the length of the contract, the maximum amount of money that may be spent and the University's employees who are authorized to seek a release against the BPO. Each release requested under a BPO must be of the type covered by the order and no Operating Capital Outlay (OCO) item, except books, may be purchased using a BPO.

Commodity - Supplies, materials, goods, merchandise, food, equipment or other property, including a vehicle, trailer or other portable structure, which are purchased, leased, lease-purchased or otherwise contracted for by the University. “Commodity” also includes interest on deferred-payment contracts entered into by the University for the purchase of other commodities. Printing of publications and photocopying as well as software license agreements shall be considered a “commodity.”

F.OB. - The term literally means “free on board”. It is defined as the time and place of the actual transfer of title to the goods from seller to buyer. F.O.B. Destination means legal title passes to the buyer at the time the shipment of goods is delivered by the carrier. F.O.B. Shipping Point means legal title and risk of loss passes to the buyer at the time of shipment of goods is delivered to the carrier.

Honorarium - Honorariam is the gratuitous payment of money to an individual for his or her participation in an activity for which no fee is legally required, and when no contractual obligation exists, such as lecturing, teaching, and sharing knowledge. (If the intended recipient elects not to participate, he or she is free to withdraw from participation at any time, without notice to FSU, and the University will be without recourse of any kind). It is, in essence, a “thank you gift” from FSU. If the fee is prescribed by the individual or if it is negotiated, an honorarium situation does not exist, rather a contract for services exists.  Honoraria are considered taxable compensation to recipients, thus the individual’s social security number or tax ID number is required. If a requisitioning department combines an amount intended to reimburse travel and business with an honorarium fee, the individual should be informed that the entire payment would be reported as taxable compensation. Travel and expense reimbursements processed by the Travel Office are paid under IRS accountable plan rules and are not considered taxable compensation to recipients

Responsible - Refers to a solicitation Respondent who can perform and/or supply the specifications as promised. Thus, the concept of responsibility focuses on the Respondent's trustworthiness, quality, fitness and capacity to satisfactorily perform. Determining whether a Respondent is responsible can include evaluation of the following:  financial resources, performance schedule, performance record, organization and skills, equipment and facilities, and various other matters relating to the ability of a supplier to perform the contract. Florida State University defines a “responsible supplier” as “a supplier who has the capability in all respects to fully perform the contract requirements and the integrity and reliability that will assure good faith performance."

Responsive - Refers to a bid or proposal submitted by a qualified respondent that conforms to all essential requirements and satisfies all mandatory conditions set forth in the solicitation specifications. Essential requirements and mandatory conditions can include required qualifications, necessary company resources and experience, pre-qualification requirements, required certifications, and various other required or mandatory specifications. Florida State University defines a “responsive bid,” or “responsive proposal,” or “responsive reply” as “a bid, proposal, or reply submitted by a responsive and responsible supplier that conforms in all material respects to the solicitation."

Splitting a Transaction/Purchase - Splitting a transaction is when a cardholder allows a merchant to take a higher dollar transaction and process it across multiple transactions, days or across other cards to avoid the transaction limit.

Total Contract Value - means the entire potential monetary worth of a project from beginning to end, including the initial contract period and any renewal terms with a specific supplier. It also means the entire purchase amount whether via PO or P-Card to include the cost of shipping for an item(s) or service(s) with a specific supplier. Purchases may not be arbitrarily subdivided to avoid competition threshold requirements.