Sample Business Models

Departments may choose to follow a variety of business models when incorporating SpearMart into their business processes. Below are a couple of examples of standard models to consider. Please keep in mind that there is not a "one size fits all" solution, but a department may consider elements of each of these or come up with its own model that best suits its needs.

Department A

Shoppers assign carts to requestors based on different criteria, for example, assign carts based on:

  • unit support designation – Shoppers A&B are supported by Requester 1
  • dollar value – above $ goes to Requester 1, under $ goes to Requester 2
  • what is being purchased – supplies go to Requester 1, equipment goes to Requester 2
  • funding source – grants go to Requester 1, appropriated or other funds go to Requester 2

Department B

Shoppers assign carts to business manager requesters who then assign carts to fiscal staff requesters. Primary purpose for this model is to provide the opportunity for additional review based on what is being purchased.