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Airgas, Inc. is one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding equipment and supplies, and safety products. With more than one million customers, from Fortune 500 companies, to family-owned businesses, to hobbyists, Airgas is the leading supplier of: Industrial, medical and specialty gases, Welding equipment and supplies, Safety products, Atmospheric gases, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Ice, Nitrous Oxide, Refrigerants, Ammonia, and Process Chemicals.

For Contract # CNR-01362

How To Order

Final Billing:

  • Airgas will provide final billing, through June, for cylinders you are currently renting on or around June 30th.

Closing out Blankets for this Fiscal Year:

  • Blankets should be used through their end date and no later. Blankets will be rolled for the purpose of encumbered payments only and closed on August 31st unless the department has reconciled all payments and requests that the blanket be closed. You may continue to receive on blankets until that date. If you do not have an open blanket after July 1st to pay any outstanding cylinder rental charges, simply enter a non-catalog requisition in SpearMart and note on the requisition that it is to pay Airgas cylinder rental charges through June 2018. The University should not receive cylinder rental invoices after the June 30th billing.

Cylinders currently on Hand:

  • Cylinders that are not empty can be retained by your department until the cylinder is turned in with no additional rental fees past the effective date of July 1st and upon payment of the final rental invoice (on or around June 30th).
  • When a cylinder needs to be refilled – Contact Airgas to pick up the empty cylinder and reorder through SpearMart.
  • Cylinders no longer needed - Contact Airgas to have it picked up.
  • When purchasing a new cylinder after the effective date, order the new cylinder through the SpearMart Airgas punch-out catalog. No blanket will need to be created for rental, demurrage or any other fees and cylinder rental/demurrage should not appear when ordering in SpearMart.


Airgas Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist

William Strickland @ 850-576-2192

Stephen Talevich

Contract Information

Contract # E&I CNR-01362 (Industrial Specialty Gases)


7/01/2018  – 6/30/2025

Delivery Terms:


University departments will be responsible for requesting their own cylinder audits. Airgas will schedule and complete a requested audit within 10 working days. Cylinders removed from an account as part of an official audit will not be deemed Lost, and therefore NO LOSS OF USE WILL BE CHARGED. If in the event Airgas believes there was an error in the audit process they reserve the right to request a re-audit. Airgas reserves the right to negotiate a Loss of Use settlement with the department should the balance adjustment exceed 30% of the recorded balance of cylinders on the account.

All prices are F.O.B. Florida State University campus for normal deliveries. No extra charges on invoices are to be incurred for such items as hazardous, packing or regulatory compliance charges, etc.

Gas mixtures measured by the University and found not to meet the required tolerance shall be replaced immediately at no additional charge with the next scheduled delivery unless deemed an emergency by the University.

The University will accept no cylinder without a valve protection cap properly installed. This cap shall be easily removed by hand. Cylinder valves are to be of high quality assuring not only proper gas releasing, but also that pressure pop off devices do not release under normal operating conditions and that valve fit tightly without leaking when attached to regulators.

All cylinders and dewars will have a barcode in order to track the location of thereof.

In the event that the inventory in the different departments on campus does not contain either the type(s) of sufficient quantity of the cylinders required or if an emergency exists in a department, the University will contact the vendor at any time, seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours per day to request an emergency delivery. Vendor shall deliver the emergency order directly to the individual department requesting delivery. If vendor is unable to deliver the requested gases in the required time frame, the University reserves the right to purchase the gases from another source.

All specialty gases shall, upon request have Certificate of Analysis.

Vendor shall be certified ISO-9000.

Safety training to be provided by vendor upon request.

Each quarter, during the months of May, August, November, and February, vendor shall reconcile its billing statements with each department such that vendor’s records and the department’s records reflect the identical number of cylinders on hand. Vendor shall send a statement to each department listing all cylinders on hand, including serial numbers, gas types, and sizes. The department will sign the statement indicating any shortages or overages it finds and return it to the vendor. The University and the vendor will submit any documentation, such as receipt and delivery tickets, which may correct any discrepancies. Each department will pay vendor for any lost cylinders at the contract rate after site audit. In the event that a lost cylinder is found after the University has paid the vendor for it, the University will return the cylinder to the vendor and the vendor will fully reimburse the University. Contract covers all gases, specialty blends, safety equipment, and cylinder accessories.

Phoned in orders must be placed using a P-Card.

Emergency deliveries are those requested for delivery on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and after normal business hours.

Discounts are available on other products and categories in addition to core product list. Core product list can

be provided to department upon request.

Special Notes

  • Note: Purchases to be made using SpearMart (Preferred) or by P-Card (Emergency).
  • When creating the requisition, in the ATTENTION to field enter your Airgas ship to account number followed by Lab name or User name (Example: 1234567 Williams). If you do not have a ship-to account number with Airgas contact William Strickland or Missy Sanders with Airgas.
  • All prices shall include local delivery, to departments requesting gases on an “As Needed” basis.
  • Campus deliveries will normally be made two times each week. The vendor shall deliver cylinder gases and pick-up cylinders during the same trip or as requested by the University to the different campus locations.