New England BioLabs

Preferred Contract Supplier for Laboratory Supplies

When you collaborate with the NEBsolutions team at New England Biolabs, you are getting much more than a high quality product in a tube. Nearly 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of reagents and a uniquely collaborative work ethic, are all part of doing business with NEB. Our team of researchers shares your commitment to the advancement of science and brings experience in fields as diverse as protein engineering, gene expression, next generation sequencing, RNA biology and epigenetics. In addition, our ISO 13485-certified production facilities and our dedicated team of production scientists, each with extensive product development experience, will ensure that your product performs optimally.

How To Order

SpearMart Hosted catalog or using PCard.


New England BioLabs Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist

Cassie Black
(978) 471-0082

Customer Service

Stephen Talevich

Contract Information

Contract # ITN15NH-115

  • Supplier will deliver all products FOB Destination. Supplier currently offers free shipping on order totaling $350 (net) and over. Currently, orders under $350 (net) will be charged $31 per order for shipping and handling.
  • University shall have the right to return any damaged, missing, or defective products for a full refund within 15 days of ordering, with the exception of frozen or refrigerated products which may spoil.
  • Pricing shall consist of a list price minus a 15% discount. Only those items marked as specialty products will be sold at list.
  • Large Orders: Supplier willing to offer additional discount for orders of 20 or larger packs or equivalent size order.

Term:  3/4/2019 – 5/4/2023

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination.

Return Policy: See above

Special Notes:

When ordering item(s) not found in New England Biolab's Hosted Catalog using a Non-Catalog form in SpearMart, you must ensure you change the fulfillment address to MAIN.