Preferred Contract Supplier for Laboratory Supplies

At the forefront of the molecular biology revolution, more than 500,000 customers worldwide are using QIAGEN Sample & Assay Technologies to achieve breakthroughs based on the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins.

How To Order

SpearMart Hosted catalog, Non-Catalog Request (if quoted), or www.qiagen.com using your PCard.


Qiagen Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist

Jared Sandoval

Stephen Talevich

Contract Information

Contract # UF ITN15NH-115 MOU

  • Supplier will deliver all products FOB Destination. Shipping charges will be waived for all orders.
  • University shall have the right to return any damaged, missing, or defective products for a full refund, with the exception of frozen or refrigerated products which may spoil. University’s right to receive full refund for damaged, missing, or defective products only applies if University immediately provides Vendor with appropriate notice and or notification of such defect.
  • Pricing shall consist of a list price minus a discount based on the category a product falls in.
  • All discounts shall be set for the term of this contract.
  • Supplier willing to offer deeper discounts for large one-time orders.

Freezer (Qiacabinet) Program:

  • Supplier will charge the lower of University’s contract price or promotional pricing for any items purchased out of the Qiacabinet.
  • Supplier will pay for the standard shipping charges for any Qiacabinet order. Frequency of deliveries will be discussed in order to consolidate shipments.
  • Any customer may place an order for any catalog item through the Qiacabinet at University pricing. For these additional orders through the Qiacabinet, no shipping charges will be assessed.
  • All other aspects of freezer program not addressed herein will continue as agreed to by Qiagen agreement #JWM022806A.

Term:  01/01/2020 – 5/4/2024

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination

Return Policy: See above

Special Notes:

When ordering item(s) not found in Qiagen's Hosted Catalog using a Non-Catalog form in SpearMart, you must ensure you change the fulfillment address to MAIN.