SpearMart FAQs

What is SpearMart?

SpearMart is the University’s online electronic procurement system. It is a web portal hosted by Jaggaer which allows campus faculty and staff to easily search and shop online for products and services from FSU contract suppliers.

How do I access SpearMart

Access SpearMart by navigating to https://my.fsu.edu/ and logging in with your MyFSU username and password, and then click the SpearMart Icon under MyFSU Links.

How do I become a Shopper?

All FSU employees are automatically assigned the shopper role within SpearMart. This means you will be able to log directly into SpearMart using your FSUID and begin shopping. You must assign your cart to a departmental requester in order to complete your purchase.

How do I become a Requester?

You must submit an Online Role Request (eORR) through OMNI for the FSU_PS_REQUESTER Role. The old paper-based form regarding ship-to addresses is no longer required as you can now set up your own ship-to addresses within your Spearmart profile. See Job Aid Setting Up Your Profile.

What is a hosted catalog?

Hosted catalogs are provided by suppliers that FSU has a smaller contract with and/or are limited to selling a portion of their products on the contract.

What is a punch-out catalog?

Punch-out catalogs are provided by suppliers that FSU has a larger contract with and when you click on these suppliers' icons in SpearMart you will be transferred to the supplier's web site to create a cart. You then "checkout" on that site and can submit the cart back to OMNI, save, and submit to OMNI for processing or assign the cart to your department requester.

Where do I find the job aids for SpearMart?

Job aids are located on the Procurement Services Training Webpage.

Who would I call if I want extra training on SpearMart?

Contact Procurement Services at 850-644-6850 or email spearmart@fsu.edu to schedule training. You can also register for online self-paced training through OMNI HR: To register for training follow these steps:
Log into myFSU> Enter your user ID and password>HR>Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment>Search by Course Name. Enter the course name (SpearMart) and follow the prompts to complete the registration.

AnchorCan you please clarify the new change to the $2500 departmental approval workflow step and can we customize to our department?

Anything purchased from any of our hosted or punchout catalog suppliers < $2500 will not require Departmental Approval. There are various other approvals that may apply depending upon the requisition (i.e. capital, project, sponsored research, commodity, etc.). The main reason for this change is to facilitate a more standardized workflow approval process for campus. Unfortunately, we cannot tailor the workflow to accommodate every department’s specific requirements as this would be very cumbersome to manage. However, departments have the flexibility to define their own business processes that takes place prior to a shopping cart being submitted into workflow. See Sample Business Models to help illustrate how this might work

How can I see the status of my requisition?

Click on the Documents icon on the left-hand menu bar (looks like 3 pages stacked on top of one another). Then click "Search Documents". At the very bottom of your page click on "my requisitions". Next, click on the requisition # of the requisition you are seeking the status of and then click on the PR Approvals tab. See Reviewing the Status of my Order job aid for additional details.

What is Location code and how do I find mine?

Every office/room has a unique Location. Facilities maintains the master Building List which includes all active buildings. Locations have the format where the first few digits are the building code and the remaining digits are the suite/room number. You can enter a partial value in the Value field (i.e. “0223”) and then click the Search button. This will bring up all Locations that start with 0223. You could also enter a phrase in the Description field (i.e. "Westcott") or a room/suite number and then click the Search button. This will bring up all Locations that have the phrase "Westcott " in them or room/suite number.

Are the notifications in SpearMart linked to the Notifications in MyFSU?

No. All settings are set to send both an email and notification in SpearMart. You can turn the email notifications off if you intend to go into the SpearMart throughout the day to ensure you see the notifications by navigating to My Profile>Notification Preferences and then Edit Section. See Job Aid Setting Up Your Profile for additional details.

Why are shopping carts I have submitted not showing up under my requisitions?

This often occurs when you as a requester submit a shopping cart that was assigned to you by a Shopper or another Requester. You become the Order Submitter, but the Owner is the person who assigned you the shopping cart and is also the person who will become the official Requester for that requisition. You can change the Owner to your name by clicking the pencil icon within the General Section of the requisition and then click the magnifying glass to the right of the "Owner/Requester" box…

Why am I not receiving order confirmations from catalog suppliers?

Once reason may be that you are not listed as the owner on the requisition. This often occurs when you as a requester submit a shopping cart that was assigned to you by a Shopper or another Requester. See the response on the previous question to fix on your next requisition.