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SpearMart is the University’s online electronic procurement system. It is a web portal hosted by Jaggaer which provides a “One Stop Shopping” experience including shopping, requisition creation, workflow approvals, purchase order creation/distribution, as well as all procurement related forms processing. Click the shopping cart icon to the left to view a list of the contract suppliers who have either a punch-out catalog or hosted catalog available in SpearMart and their associated commodity.

Benefits Include:

  • Efficiency.  Order from a variety of suppliers without picking up the phone; no more sorting through catalogs, waiting on hold, or visiting multiple locations to find what you need. No more struggling to remember passwords—only one logon is needed.
  • Ease. Store regularly made purchases in the system to simply click and buy when you need to restock. Create and submit error-free requisitions electronically.
  • Value. Easier access to FSU-contracted prices and terms for the products you buy, saving your department or project money.
  • Speed. Catalog suppliers are pre-approved for FSU compliance and receive orders electronically, meaning ordering is quicker than ever.
  • Improved Availability. Forget about “business hours” and put down the phone. Shop and approve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Track requisitions and purchase orders online.
  • Workflow. The process—from ordering to approvals to budget verification—is automated. Requisitions are routed based on category code, any required approvals, and commodity flags (e.g., hazardous materials).
  • Sustainability. Reduce excess paper—including catalogs and order forms.