New SpearMart Feature – Ad-Hoc Approval

A new requisition Ad-Hoc Approval feature is available for use in SpearMart.

What is Ad-Hoc Approval?
Ad-Hoc approval allows approvers to add a requisition Ad-Hoc approver during the requisition approval workflow. This can be used for situations where a one-time approval is needed from an approver who is not in the regular approval workflow.


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Tariff Statement

Due to the recent trade disputes, some suppliers are applying a tariff fee (which may be disguised as a miscellaneous fee) to their invoices. Per Florida State University procurement terms and conditions, the University reserves the right to short pay invoices that include miscellaneous fees not included in supplier’s quote, proposal, or contract with the University.

Invoices that...

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2019 Fiscal Year-End Closing Procurement Calendar

The 2019 Fiscal Year-End Calendar for Procurement Services is now posted on the Procurement Services website at To ensure all procurement transactions are processed and included...

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End of Fiscal Year Notice to All Departments

Fiscal Year End and Expiring Contracts

As we prepare for Fiscal Year End, we are asking for each department’s assistance in advance planning and notification of their purchasing actions which includes coordinating with Procurement Services in advance of purchase requisition submission. We cannot overemphasize the need for departments to plan their needs well in...

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New Procurement Policies Training

The Office of Procurement Services has launched a new, web-based version of the Procurement Policies Training. This training session is available on-demand 24 hours, 7 days a week for all campus users to help navigate through the procurement regulations at FSU.  This online training outlines the fundamentals of the procurement process at FSU and helps departmental personnel understand their...

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Achievement of Excellence in Procurement 2018 Award Winner

Florida State University Procurement Services has been awarded the prestigious 23rd Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® (...

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Departmental Year End Preparation Guide - FY19

Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 - End of Year Calendar Tasks:

Date Task...
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How to create Foundation Requisitions in SpearMart

When creating Foundation Requisitions in SpearMart for a new Fund 599 Foundation Project ID, the following chartfields must be entered in this EXACT order:

  1. Business Unit GL – FSU01
  2. Department ID – ###900
  3. Fund - 599
  4. PC Business Unit - FSFD1
  5. Project Activity – F#####-1

Where # denotes your Department ID and Project ID

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Wednesday Workshop Series For Small Business May 16, 2018

Wednesday Workshop Series For Small Business

A Workshop for small/diverse suppliers

A Workshop for small/diverse suppliers – Construction of the Student Union at Florida State University