MBE Classification Guidelines


State of Florida (governmental agency) Certified Minority Owned Business is a business owned by a person who is African-American, Hispanic, Asian/Hawaiian, Native-American, American Woman or Service Disabled Veteran.

A - Non-Minority-Owned Large Business (IBM, Holiday Inn, Delta Airlines, etc.)
B - Florida Small Business - not minority owned
C - Out of State Small Business - not minority owned **
C1– Federal SBA Certified Small Disadvantage Business
D – Minority Business (Federal SBA Certified 8A Firm)
D1- Small Business Federal (HUB Zone)
E - Governmental Agency (city, county, state, or federal)
G - PRIDE (Florida Prison Industries)

State of Florida Certified Minority Owned Business
H - African American
I - Hispanic
J - Asian/Hawaiian
K - Native American
M - American Woman
W - Certified Service Disabled Veteran

Minority Owned Business or minority individual, regardless of location (in or out of state) NOT certified by the State of Florida (Non-certified MBE's)
N - African American
0 -Hispanic
P - Asian/Hawaiian
Q - Native American
R - American Woman
Y - Veteran Owned

Non-Profit Organization
F – Non-profit Organization
S - Non-profit, minority board of directors  
T - Non-profit, minority employees  
U - Non-profit, minority community served  
V -Non-profit, other (Note: use this code if specific information cannot be obtained. First attempt to secure correct information.)

A State of Florida small business independently owned and operated, with a net worth of not more than $5 million and employ 200 or fewer full-time permanent employees or is recognized as a certified business by the federal government.

** An out-of-Florida business that is deemed to be a federal small business concern and have no more than 500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries, and no more than $7 million in average annual receipts for most non-manufacturing industries.