How to obtain a list of Open (waiting to be received) PO items issued to supplier by Department ID in OMNI

Here are 3 simple steps to follow:

1. Login to using your FSUID and password then select the "FI" logo (myFSU OMNI Financials) which is located under the "myFSU Links" section.

2. Within the "myFSU OMNI Financials" environment, navigate to Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer and type "FSU_PO_PENDING_RECEIPTS" in the Query Name field then click/tab on the "search" button.


3. Click on the "HTML or Excel" hyperlink which is located directly under the "Run to HTML or Excel" (see image above for more detail) and enter your Department ID* (DEPTID) in the search field then click/tab on the "View Results" button to see the list of results.

*DEPTID is Wildcard enabled. Hence, a % symbol may be used to search for departmental ID variable. Also, if a split distribution was used on your order, be sure to use the DEPTID that was used on line one of the split distribution lines.