How to Pay

How to Pay
For the majority of payments the key is ensuring a 3-way match between the purchase order, supplier's invoice, and department's receipt in OMNI. Contact Payables & Disbursement Services for questions or for additional details.

Step 1

Ensure all supplier invoices are sent directly to Payables & Disbursement Services

Invoices that end up at any other destination here at FSU may unnecessarily delay the payment process. See details of an "ideal invoice" for the critical components that will help facilitate prompt and accurate payment. In the event a supplier sends an invoice directly to your department, please write the purchase order number on the invoice if it is not already included and forward it to Payables & Disbursement Services.

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Step 2

Enter a receipt in OMNI to signify either goods received or services satisfactorly performed.

See OMNI Job Aids on the Training webpage for details on how to process a receipt in OMNI. Departments must only complete a receipt in OMNI when the goods have actually been received or in the case of services, only after services have been satisfactorly performed.

Step 3

Use PCard when possible and as authorized. Otherwise complete the Payment Request Form for Allowable Unencumbered Expenses or initiate the procedures for a Confirming Order.

See Guidelines for Unencumbered Payments for details.

Foreign Supplier Payments / Wire Transfers

When a foreign supplier does not take a US check or requests payment by electronic means, a wire transfer is necessary.  A SpearMart Requisition is required like any other order.  Once the goods/services have been physically received and payment is ready to be made, the department should receive upon the appropriate line(s) on the Purchase Order in OMNI.  The department will also need to submit the Foreign Supplier Payment Request Form to Payables & Disbursement Services so payment can be issued via wire transfer.