New Procurement Policies Training

The Office of Procurement Services has launched a new, web-based version of the Procurement Policies Training. This training session is available on-demand 24 hours, 7 days a week for all campus users to help navigate through the procurement regulations at FSU.  This online training outlines the fundamentals of the procurement process at FSU and helps departmental personnel understand their role in that process through an interactive, scenario based structure. It covers common areas of confusion, threshold limits when competition is required, types of solicitations and provides a brief overview of PCard program requirements. The course is designed to provide a basic overview for new employees as well as act as a refresher for all others. The training can be accessed through Training and Development’s “Request Training Enrollment” link on the myFSU portal and the name and number for enrollment is Procurement Policies (BTPUR2). This training was developed in to help facilitate a more convenient version of the in-person training to our customers.  In-person training will still be held quarterly for any employees seeking assistance.