Department Responsibilities

Departments have the ability every day to pick items that have a better impact by educating themselves on items procured by the University. This includes actions like:

  • Consolidating purchases and ordering
  • Converting, whenever possible, to eco-conscious products over traditionally ordered products.
  • Remaining engaged to learn about sustainable products.
  • Participating in programs put forth by Sustainable Campus and Procurement Services to reach sustainability goals.

Other Ways Departments Can Help

Surplus Warehouse

FSU is already in possession of many items that are ready for use! Utilize the Surplus Warehouse located minutes from campus to take items back to your department. This will save money, time, and resources. Check out their website here:

Use less, Reuse More!

The most sustainable purchase is the purchase that has thought to it! Be cognizant of what your department already has in its possession. Reduce excessive purchasing by understanding what your department has to use, and then focus on buying items that will last.

Utilize Spearmart Features

Certain supplier punch-out sites have made it easy for you to search for green and sustainable products. Use the filter feature to pick from items that have been vetted to be more responsible.


Visit to learn how to certify your office as a Green Office.