Sustainability Supplier Showcase

Below are two featured suppliers that do business with FSU -Grainger and Siemens. Read on to see their commitment to sustainability and how their partnership with FSU has furthered our vision to strengthen sustainability at FSU.

From increasing efficiency within our operations to providing customers with environmentally preferred solutions that meet the highest level of product stewardship, Grainger serves as a responsible and sustainable partner. No matter where the University may be in its sustainability journey, we’d like to understand YOUR definition of sustainability and explore the many ways that our products, services, and commitment to sustaining the environment can help you meet the University’s sustainability goals.

In the last few years Grainger has partnered with FSU to:

  • Install bottle fill stations in every building on campus to reduce plastic waste
  • LED Lighting projects which have resulted in 30% reduction in energy consumption
  • Supply recycled trash bags on campus to help lower the University’s overall environmental impact.

We also partner with several other third-party sustainability organizations, such as GreenBiz Executive Network, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Smartway program, UL, Inc. and the U.S. Green Building Council to help align our environmental investments with FSU expectations. If you would like to learn more how Grainger can support your efforts to become more sustainable in your department please reach out to your local Grainger Account Manager or visit our website:

Sustainable Practices:

Incorporating more sustainable practices in your business operations can be a win for you and the environment, too. Help eliminate waste by employing new strategies to reduce your facility's carbon footprint and reap the benefits of operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Below is a link to some of the strategies we offer around sustainable practices which we have had great success with customer sustainable goals:

Grainger Corporate Social Responsibility Report:

Project Highlight: FSU LED Acorn & Shoe Box Fixture Upgrade Project

Keeping the lights on is a 24/7 job at colleges and universities. The recent Siemens lighting energy solution at Florida State University is helping to reduce FSU’s greenhouse gas emissions, increase your campus safety and cut lighting energy costs by a substantial 70%. As a strategic partner to more than 800 higher education institutions across the U.S. and Canada, Siemens is widely recognized for its approach to campus transformation. A campus environment that’s safe, secure and comfortable, while being energy efficient and sustainable, opens possibilities and creates opportunities.

  • Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction ~ 70%
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Fixture Replacement Cost Savings
  • Future New Construction Project Savings ~ 65% Fixture Cost Reduction
  • System Reliability Improvements
  • System Longevity Increase ~ 4x
  • Light Level Increase ~ 30%
  • Security Improvement
  • Student & Staff Safety Improvement
  • Color Rendering Index Improvement for Security and Security Cameras
  • Standardization of Fixture Types for Positive Visual Effect