Procurement Services’ mission is to highlight and encourage sustainable purchasing practices for the University by providing education and outreach to campus departments. By promoting sustainable purchasing, we strive to reduce the environmental impact on the planet, which in turn increases the quality of life for our faculty, staff, students, and community.


Our vision is to provide and promote the most sustainable purchasing options, while considering budgetary, regulatory and programmatic constraints. Our goal is to publish a robust sustainable purchasing policy, support the University’s Strategic Plan to Enhance Campus Commitment to Sustainability, and to educate departments on sustainable purchasing.

Figure 1 via America Sustainable Business Council

Purchasing items to make our university run comes with a lot of responsibility. 40% of all greenhouse gases generated from universities is derived from the supply chain, meaning a large portion of our pollution contribution has occurred before FSU receives the product. Departments have the ability every day to pick items that have a better impact by educating themselves on items procured by the University and working with Procurement and other departments to make the most sustainable decisions.