New SpearMart Feature – Ad-Hoc Approval

A new requisition Ad-Hoc Approval feature is available for use in SpearMart.

What is Ad-Hoc Approval?
Ad-Hoc approval allows approvers to add a requisition Ad-Hoc approver during the requisition approval workflow. This can be used for situations where a one-time approval is needed from an approver who is not in the regular approval workflow.

Department Approvers can send requisitions to other approvers for approval. When the requisition Ad-Hoc approver approves the requisition it continues to the next step in the approval workflow.

How does it work?
During the requisition workflow approval process, the Ad-Hoc Approver field is visible on the General section of a requisition to requisition approvers. When a requisition has routed to the requisition approvers, they can assign an Ad-Hoc approver to the requisition approval workflow. Please visit this link ( for complete step-by-step instruction.

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