Recent Website Changes

Date Topic Summary of Change
02/26/16 P-Card Added "Aerial Drones" to the prohibited purchases list at the request of EH&S and policy 4-OP-E-7
11/10/15 Buying Exemptions added "Memberships / Subscriptions (excluding Software)" to the Annual Certification Exemptions List
10/6/15 P-Card updated P-Card Manual Special Condition section concerning flowers, telephones, and cellular devices/services
10/6/15 New Form Added New Supplier Setup Form now named the FSU IRS Substitute W-9 Form (Previously known as the Vendor Authentication/Application Form)
9/22/15 General Added clause to homepage regarding procurement standards pertaining to Uniform Guidance.
3/30/15 P-Card updated P-Card Prohibited Items to clarify type of Computers as any desktops, laptops, and tablets utilizing Microsoft operatings systems
2/17/15 P-Card updated P-Card Manual Prohibited Items & Special Condition sections concerning Promotional Items
2/10/15 General posted new Procurement of Commodities and Contractual Services Policy