Redesigned Procurement Services Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website – The site has been completely transformed to make purchasing goods and services easier than ever before.
Key highlights include:

  • How to Buy & How to Pay - Clear and concise instruction on procuring and paying for goods and services, including a Procurement Services Quick Reference Guide.
  • For Vendors – Specific information for current and potential suppliers.
  • SpearMart - FSU's most preferred option for making your purchase. Visit the participating suppliers' webpage to view details of suppliers available in SpearMart.
  • Contracts - A searchable repository of FSU contracts by supplier, commodity, and supplier classification.
  • Shopping Guide - A webpage which organizes contract suppliers by the commodity(ies) and service(s) they supply.
  • FAQs - robust listing of the most Frequently Asked Questions organized by subject area.
  • Revised online P-Card Manual which moves the default single transaction limit from $999 to $2,500; updates the prohibited purchase list, and violation procedures.
  • and much, much more....

In addition, the new site provides an updated look and design, greater efficiency, optimal viewing experience and responsiveness from any desktop or mobile device. Please remember to update your bookmarks and links to in your web browser. 
Next Steps

  • New FSU Procurement Policy (complete rewrite in progress)
  • Review and revise all forms, job aids, etc.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback! Thanks for your patience as we continue to transform our organization into one you can count on to get you what you need, when you need it, and at the best price possible.

Thank you.

Ian R. Robbins
Chief Procurement Officer