Genesee Scientific

Contract Supplier for Specialty Lab Supplies


Started in 1995, Genesee Scientific is the fastest growing privately held scientific supply company in the United States. Genesee is a Small Business providing a wide array of products for research, analysis, discovery and diagnostics. They are proud to be among the best in serving science and helping enable customers to make the world safer and healthier.


How To Order

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Genesee Scientific

FSU Procurement Specialist

Tim Roberts
800.789.5550 x 2036
Stephen Talevich


Contract Information

FSU ITN # 6249-3

FSU Contract # 2022-PROC-04828

Term:  12/8/2021 - 12/7/23 with four 1-year renewal options



Average minimum discount of 27% on over 9,000 items.



Free shipping on all orders greater than $100.