FEDEX Courier Services


Preferred Contract Vendor for Courier Services


How To Order

Departments need to contact FSU Postal Services (850) 644-2794 in order to establish an account.


Florida State University Contact: Natalie Mize: 850-644-3437; Email:

Contract Information

This contract was solicited and awarded by the State of Florida, Contract 78102200-21-NASPO-ACS.


The effective period of this contract is 11/28/2021 through 11/27/2026.

1. Set up your account (contact us):
     Call: (850)644-2794

2.  Shipping Supplies

3. To Ship

Special Notes

  1. Payment Terms: Net 40
  2. Purchasing Card can be used (Cannot be used with FEDEX Ship Manager via Postal Services)