New Procurement Policy

We have completely re-written our Procurement of Commodities and Contractual Services Policy (4-OP-A-6). Key highlights include:

  • Procedures removed from policy, updated, and placed on Procurement Services website

  • policy and any procedures, forms, training aids, etc. available on the Procurement Services website take precedence over any contracting and procurement-related information that may appear in any other departmental policies and procedures

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Procurement Services vs. Departments

    • responsibility of the requisitioning department to provide the specifications or scope of work relating to the needed commodity or contractual service, including delivery requirements and minimum supplier qualifications

    • responsibility of Procurement Services to determine the price and secure the source of supply (supplier) for the purchase.

  • Procurement Process

    • 3 primary procurement methods (1. Buy on existing contract, 2. University P-Card, 3. Competitive Process) - See How to Buy for complete details

    • only Authorized buying means for FSU are an Official University PO or a University P-Card Number

    • minimum PO amount is $100.00 (excluding SpearMart orders)

  • Authority to sign contracts

    • all contracts and agreements for goods and/or services require review and approval by Procurement Services prior to the signing of the contract document

To review the new policy, visit

Thank you.

Ian R. Robbins
Chief Procurement Officer