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Preferred Contract Vendor for Commercial Paper and Other Facility Items

Dade Paper Company is the foremost supplier of paper, plastic, chemical, foam, and janitorial supplies servicing the Eastern United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean since 1939.

How To Order

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Dade Paper Account Executive FSU Procurement Specialist
Michelle Champine
904-783-9490 x 150
Geneva Miller

Contract Information

Contract: Disposable Paper 14111700-17-01

Term: 02/15/2018 through 11/01/2022

Delivery Terms: F.O.B. Destination.

Return Policy: N/A

Special Notes

  • This agreement provides for the purchase by and delivery to state of Florida agencies, universities and state colleges, and Other Eligible Users as defined herein for commercial products of sanitary grade paper tissue and towel commodities in a variety of sizes, as classified and described herein; and, expectations for the delivery of these products and services to satisfy awarded contactor(s) performance for this agreement. These items consist of four (4) types of Tissues: one & two ply Toilet Tissue, one (1) Seat Cover, and one (1) facial tissue; two (2) types of towels: bleached & un-bleached, and several types of disposable wipers.
  • Prices include delivery to the customer’s identified delivery destination, freight on board (FOB) destination, freight prepaid. No other fees or charges will be paid by the customer accept for orders less than the minimum order quantity.
  • Additional Costs –Additional cost may be incurred for orders less than the minimum order value and less than ten (10) unbroken cartons of any combination from the core list of items.
  • When purchasing equipment using a non-catalog requisition, you must select Vendor ID 0000018450, Location 001.
  • If you can’t find an item in the catalog please contact the Dade Paper Account Executive directly or the FSU Procurement Specialist noted above. Be sure to give them a complete description of the item and they may be able to either find the item or an equivalent.
  • When receiving the order in OMNI make sure to do a receipt for each invoice, do not combine invoices as AP will not be able to pay.